Shipment costs depend on the weight and destination of your order. Here are rough weight estimates and shipment fees so you can make an estimate. If you have any questions in regard to shipment or just want to know the exact costs of your order, feel free to contact me; dontbuyrecords @ gmail . com.

7" = 100 grams
12" = 300 grams
Tape = 100 grams
Zine = 200 grams

Within the Netherlands: 
0-2000 grams = 4,15 euro or less (NO LP'S)
0-10 kilograms with tracking = 7,25 euro
Within European Union: 0-350 grams = 8,40 euro or less (NO LP'S)
0-2000 grams = 13 euro
2000-5000 grams = 19,50 euro
Intercontinental (anywhere but Europe): 
Please ask

You can pay through paypal or a bank transfer. Paypal charges 4% service costs unless you send the money as a gift. When I receive your payment I will send the records out as soon as possible. If you're interested in making an order, have any questions or just are bored out of your mind, feel free to drop me a line at dontbuyrecords @