Meanwhile back in the lab (working on)

On the way:
BB and the Blips - Shame Job Lp (PAID)
Brainwashed California - Demo Tape (PAID)
Black Panties - Dirt from the Mop 7" (PAID)
Chowline - Demo 3 Tape (PAID) 
Cosmic Sand Dollars - Let's Go Nuclear Woody Lp (PAID)
Counter Intuits - Vietnamese Lighter 7" (PAID)
Cruelster - Riot Boys Lp (PAID)
Donkey Bugs - Ancient Chinese Secrets Lp (PAID)
Electric Chair - Public Apology Ep (PAID)
Fun and Suffering Zine (PAID)
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - 2018 Lp (PAID)
Inmates - Creatures of the Night Ep (PAID)
Lithics - Photographs, You Of 7" (PAID)
Magic City - Ep (PAID)
Mentira - Toda Tu Vida Es Una Mentira Ep (PAID)
Murderer - I Did It All For You Lp (PAID)
Nandas - 2018 Ep (PAID)
Pineapple RnR - Ep (PAID)
Pine Taar - Stick it in and Twist Tape (PAID)
Predator - No Face 7" (PAID)
Predator - Live at Real Cool Time Tape (PAID)
Rina - Aqui No Eres Nadie Ep (PAID)
Ryan Dinosaur - Chapter One: The Final Chapter Lp (PAID)
Suck Lords - New Lords Music Ep (PAID)
Suck Lords - 2018 Tape (PAID)
Table Sugar - Collected Acknowledgements 12" (PAID)
Terrorist - American Today Ep (PAID)
Uranium Orchard - Knife and Urinal Lp (PAID)
Vanilla Poppers - Lp (PAID)
Violence Creeps - Nephew Melting 7" (PAID)

Working on (intentions, no guarantuees...): 
Messrs - 12"
Raw Pony - Bo Diddley Ep

Lots of other shit, I won't mention for now...