Meanwhile back in the lab (working on)

On the way:
Nothing... nothing... nothing... nothing

Working on (intentions, no guarantuees...):
Aquarium - Lp (PAID)
BB Eye - Headcheese Heartthrob Lp (PAID)
Beta Boys - Brick Walls 7" (PAID)
Child Molesters - 1978 Hound Dog Recordings 12" (PAID)
Citric Dummies - Tearing out my Nails Lp (PAID)
The Cowboy - The Cowboy Album Lp (PAID)
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - 2018 Lp (PAID)
K9 Sniffies - Master's Touch Lp (PAID)
Moonhairy - The Kingdom of Eternal Poverty Lp (PAID)
Nandas - 2018 Ep (PAID)
Nosferatu - Ep (PAID)
Plastic - Lp (PAID)
Perverts Again - Friday Night Light Lp (PAID)
Question - Lp (PAID)
Playboy - Celebration 12" (PAID)
Rina - Aqui No Eres Nadie Ep (PAID)
SBSM - Leave Your Body Ep (PAID)
Scrap Brain - Unhappy Hardcore Ep (PAID)
The Stranger - Ep (PAID)
Trauma Harness - Ghost of a Flea 7'' (PAID)
U-Nix - Ep (PAID)
The Wad - Ron's Wrong Ep (PAID)
Varuious Artists - Horrendous New Wave Lp (PAID)

Messrs - 12"
Raw Pony - Bo Diddley Ep

Lots of other shit, I won't mention for now...