Meanwhile back in the lab (working on)

On the way:
Electric Chair - Performative Justice Ep
Latisha's Skull Drawing - Romantacized Lp
Nasti - Big Achievements Lp
Private Room - Forever and Ever Lp
Rashomon - Pathogen X Lp
Soga - Demo Lp
Ubik - Next Phase Lp

Working on (intentions, no guarantuees...): 
Andy Human and the Reptoids - Psychic Sidekick Lp (PAID)
Brandy - Clown Pain 7" (PAID) 
Brutal Birthday - Ep (PAID)
Carnivorous Bells - Big Bronze Allegory Tape
Civic - Selling Sucking Blackmail Bribes 7" (PAID)
Curleys - Ep (PAID)
Far Corners - 12" (PAID)
Groinoids - Lost Lp (PAID)
Gun in my Head Zine (all about Cold Sweat) (PAID)
Heavy Metal - Too Oz 4 I.T. Ep (PAID)
IV - Ep (PAID)
Judy and the Jerks - Music for Donuts Ep (PAID)
Kaleidoscope - 2017 Ep (PAID)
Knowso - Like a Buzz 7" (PAID)
Musk - Animal Husbandry 7" (PAID)
Scrap Brain - A Journey into Madness Lp (PAID)
Sex Church - Flowers Lp (PAID)
Suck Lords - True Lords Ep (PAID)
Timmy Vulgar's Genetic Armageddon - Music From the other Side of the Swamp Lp (PAID)
Tyvek - Changing Patterns of Protective Coating Ep (PAID)
Uranium Club - Cosmo Cleaners Lp (PAID)
Various Artists - House Music Lp (PAID)

Blu Anxxiety - Baptized in Space 7"
Haram - Where were you on 9/11? Ep
L.O.T.I.O.N. - World Wide W.E.B. Lp 
Murderer - I Did It All For You Lp
Pinocchio - Ep

Lots of other shit, I won't mention for now...